Ericsson IF @ Göteborg
How will I be a member of Ericsson IF in Ericsson for Me (Flexpay)
You must pay for your membership in Ericsson IF with your "Ericsson for Me" account. Number of registered members will states the next years budget from Ericsson used to carry on with the keep-fit / sport activities in Göteborg/Mölndal.

Do as:
Link to "Ericsson for Me"
Enter your personnummer and password and clicka on Login.
Now you shall be logged on.
Select under "Meny - Mina förmåner".
Look for the head line "Ericssons fritidsklubbar" and click on the link, "Göteborg - Ericsson IF".
Check for the sections you are interested in and choose the appropriate member level Bronze, Silver or Gold.
Read the conditions and check, "Jag har läst och förstått ovanstående villkor". Click on, "Gå vidare till beställning". Review your personal data. Click on: "Du måste bekräfta dina personliga uppgifter". Do changes in your personal data if needed and clicka on: "Bekräfta dina personliga uppgifter".
Click on: "Godkänn" och du är betalande medlem i Ericsson IF.

We will recommend you to add your mail address to our member list at the web it makes it easier for us to spread information to you!
Go to: and enter your personal data.

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